Simply Speaking Class

 How to Make Your Talk More Powerful 
So Your Audience will Take Action

 For Beginning and Intermediate Speakers

The one thing that makes every Speaker stand out and get noticed is their signature story. I’m sure you remember “The Speaker who climbed Mount Everest” or “The Speaker who spent three years in the second grade before they discovered her dyslexia.” Whatever the rest of their message, it was their story that held your attention.

But what if you lived a normal life? What if you need help finding what makes YOU stand out? That's where this class will be useful to you.

You have a story in your life that sets you apart from every other Speaker teaching the same subject as you. Your life is what makes you unique.

If you are a small business owner, this will help you to tell so many people what you do, increasing your exposure and your service. 

If you are a Speaker, this will make your message much more compelling.

Join Diana Hall's Simply Speaking Coaching Class.  This is a 3-part coaching session to help you find and get YOUR story ready to share with audiences. 

Sessions consist of:

Part 1: Find the Humor and Pathos from your life that sets you apart and makes YOU the one they want. This will be a teaching session.

Part 1.5: A 30-minute phone consult to pull out your story ($50 value)

Part 2: Present a 20 minute talk to be evaluated and help you polish

Part 3: Re-present a 20 minute talk for final polishing

(Both talks will be video recorded and sent to you)

For more information, call Diana at 303-596-4825
or email

All of this for only $197

"I thought I knew how to put a talk together, but still struggled with my signature story - that is until I took Diana's class.  She's a master at helping others find their voice, just the right words and their real message.  Take her class - you'll be delighted with the results!" - Gayla Wick, Love Coach

The classes will be limited to four participants each. 


Stand out, be unique,

To find out more, email
or call me at 303-596-4825.